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Vet Partners Pet Hospital 
Angela Woodward - DVM and Owner

This is to certify that Scott Builders Inc has completed two veterinary hospital projects with us.  

Scott Builders has an EXCELLENT team and sub contractor pool.  This team is very focused on their client's wants and needs for a project and creates a partnership with open communication to ensure the project is completed on time, exceeding the client's expectations.  The culture of the company is one of professionalism and friendship.  The project sites were always kept neat and clean and the entire team of Scott Builders always greeted us with a smile, got to know us personally and truly had our best interest at heart.  This company is very organized and performs the work professionally and with devotions o complete the specified project tasks within scheduled time with quality craftsmanship and to our satisfaction.  

We wish them every success in their future business and would irk to have such a relation it them again on our future up-coming projects.  We would STRONGLY RECOMMEND TO ANYONE LOOKING FOR A DESIGN/BUILD PROJECT.   


The Oaks Wine Bar, LLC 
Jereidah and Kelly Welti - Owners

Scott Builders, Inc. recently worked on our commercial development project.  They took over for another construction manager that was not meeting expectations and the project was struggling significantly.  

Scott Builders took over seamlessly and immediately took control of the situation.  Their constant involvement quickly resolved many of the open issues and brought everyone back on track.  Rick has an obvious wealth of experience in the construction field and helped to resolve issues in positive ways working with the situation to fix them in the most expedient, but also most cost effective way possible.  

Nearly all of the subcontractors remained on the job after the transition and of those that remained it was unanimous the positive feel the job took. Several commented they knew more and had a better understanding of the project within hours of Scott Builders meetings with everyone to kick off the project, than they had in the last several months of construction.  

Scott Builders is an excellent firm and has wealth of knowledge in the commercial construction field.  Everyone on their staff is friendly and knowledgeable.  They bring professionalism to the workplace, and know how to keep in light and fun.  

We are continuing our relationship with them on the next phases of our construction project and we would recommend Scott Builders to everyone for their commercial project needs!  


Mink Lake Manufacturing 
Douglas Braun - President

Since we started the project on Mink Lake Manufacturing, I have had numerous discussions with other business owners on the project.  Most people think that by giving you a "design/build" contract, rather than a "design/bid/build" contract, you had an open checkbook.  I can most assuredly tell them that the opposite is fact.  We sat down together and established a "not-to-exceed" budget.  Then Scott Builders, the architect and I sat down and put together a list of "needs" and "wants".  The process continued with the architect doing preliminary design work.  The sub-contractors were given a set of drawings to design their scope of work and give us budgets.  They were told their work had to be all-inclusive as no change orders would be issued.  This allowed us to put a final budget together to take to the bank. 

When the bank gave us approval for the loan, Scott Builders was able to go back to the sub-contractors and work out final details and get in their schedules.  I counted 23 subs on the project and all of them knew their approximate scope of work before the architect had finished the design.  I firmly believe we save da substantial amount of money and length of design time. Due to the sub-contractors doing the designing, they were able to start their portion of work in their plants without waiting for someone else.  The architect approved most of the sub-contractors designs in a few days.  From ground braking until we received possession of the building was eleven weeks.  SIX WEEKS AHEAD OF SCHEDULE. 

The early completion of the building was a function of several factors.  Scott Builders working with the sub-contractors keeping them informed of developments, favorable weather conditions, and sub-contractors working together.  

I would recommend to future clients to discuss "design/build" versus "bid/build" with Scott Builders.  We did not have any problems with someone "lowballing" their quote and making a killing on change orders.  In fact, there is only change order between Scott Builders and Mink Lake Manufacturing... that change order is to return the funds in the contingency to Mink Lake Manufacturing.  

Scott Builders and their staff should be commended for the excellent job they did.  


Plymouth Heights Pet Hospital
Pierce Fleming, DVM - Owner

We hired Scott Builders to build our 7500 square foot state of the art Pet Hospital and Boarding facility ten years ago. It was a design and build project which required trust and a leap of faith to commit to.  But our trust was rewarded with great people and a great experience.  The building was done sooner than projected and under budget.  Most importantly, ten years later, we still have a high quality facility that has met and exceeded our expectations in every way and has allowed us to expand our business and increase our gross revenue by almost 40%.

In the years since the building was completed, if we had any questions or concerns related to the day to day maintenance of the building and the property, Rick Scott and his subs were a phone call away.  Recently we had a sprinkler pipe rupture that caused damage to a portion of our bording facility.  This occurred just before the Thanksgiving holiday and our kennel was scheduled to be booked to capacity.  The incident occurred at 3:30am - I made one phone call to Rick Scott - by 8:00am that morning the sub-contractors were being called, Mr. Scott was on site and the repairs began.  Despite challenges with our insurance company, Mr. Scott proceeded without concern for anything but getting our business and our building back in order as quickly as possible and to the original quality we expected. 

We were amazed that the contractors that were called were all the people who had been a part of the building of our facility.  It speaks volumes that not only are they clearly well established and respected people in their craft, but they responded immediately to Mr. Scott's requests.  Mr. Scott was on the job daily making sure the project was proceeding.  Without him, I woudl have spent time away from my patients and staff and would have been buried by phone calls, coordinating schedules of sub-contractors and hoping the work was being done correctly. 

To have found a builder that created any amazing building under time and budget is rare.  To find that and a relationship and commitment to his product for the 10 years following is rare.  We would not have believed it without experiencing it. 

Do not hesitate to put your business, money, future and trust in Scott Builders and specifically Rick Scott.  He is the real deal.

Please feel free to contact either myself or our practice manager, Sara Sedgwick, for a personal reference. 


City of Annandale
Marian C. Harmoning - Mayor

It gives me great pleasure to recommend Scott Builders to any entity considering a new building project.  The City of Annandale was in need of a new city hall.  Scott Builders came to us with many ideas they had used on previous projects that made our choices and decisions that much easier.  

Our new city hall was to be the first major building project in a number of years.  I, personally, was concerned that city staff and city council were not up to the task.  Rick removed the concerns of budget, quality and time constraints from our shoulders and placed them squarely on their own. 

Scott Builders brought us invaluable knowledge learned on past projects; an innate ability to communicate our desires to numerous professionals involved in the project, and a supreme understanding that their job was to insure the City of Annandale received the highest quality building at the best price possible.  

Bringing Scott Builders into any project is one of the best decisions you will make.   


Valley View Pet Hospital
Larry Tholl - DVM and Owner

To sum up:

Under budget.  On schedule.  No down time for my business.  A clean and courteous crew.  All problems resolved quickly.  I'd say that's pretty damn good! 

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and let you know how much I appreciated working with your crew during the rebuild and expansion of my practice.  There was no way to make this process easy but you always helped resolve and smooth out any bumps that occurred.  It can't have been simple for you to orchestrate the doubling in size of a still functioning practice from 2,000 sqft to 4,000 sqft.  Looking back I am still astounded at how quickly, and ahead of schedule I might add, the project was completed.  

Your team is always very pleasant and helpful.  Even when things are busy you take the time to help resolve any problems we had in order to keep things running smoothly as we stayed in full business during construction.  The crew mad only as much noise as was unavoidable, even to the point of doing the noisiest stuff when we were closed.  They never got in the way of the normal functions of our hospital.  They were friendly and courteous to both my staff and my clients and always presented a neat and professional image.  


Brandt Companies 
Calvin Brandt - President

I want to write you a letter and tell you how I feel about you performance on building our building.  You have put together a great team of subcontractors and staff.  Your staff made this project happen right on schedule for me.  It was CRITICAL and important that I moved in on October 1st, and it happened. I was very impressed with your structure demanding subcontractors do their work properly.  The event that I was impressed with most was above the ceiling tiles where no one normally would look.  All cables were tied together properly and run in straight lines. It was your full time superintendent that made the subs do quality work.  Many subs did not like this but you demanded it be done properly.  So many subs will just slam dunk the work and it looks very bad when completed.  You and your people took much pride in how things look when complete.  

It was a pleasure working with you and your people on this project.  You built me the building I expected and the quality of workmanship was very good.  The building looks professional inside and out.  If I build another building, you will be the one building it.  


Citizens Independent Bank
Brad Bakken - President/CEO

I am writing in reference to Rick Scott and Scott Builders, Inc.

Scott Builders built the Wolfe Lake Professional Building in St. Louis Park Minnesota of which we are the anchor tenant.  Citizens Independent Bank occupies approximately 25,000 sqft of the 50,000 sqft building.  Scott Builders also built one of our branch offices in Plymouth, Minnesota.  This is also a multi-tenant building of which we have occupied for approximately 16 years. In both cases, we were more than satisfied with the work performed by Scott Builders.  They are very professional and easy to work with. The projects were built to our specifications and were delivered on time and within budget.  The craftsmanship is first-class and represents a very positive image for our bank.  I would have no reservations about using Scott Builders on any future construction projects.  I also would not hesitate to recommend their business to others.  


Crossroads Animal Shelter 
Karla Heeter - President 

The purpose of this letter is to offer our recommendation and observations of the general contracting services of Scott Builders.  

We had the pleasure of working with the professional team at Scott Builders through the construction of our new animal shelter.  We are group of women driving this project and wanted experts that not only know construction but have some people skills as well.  We found both these qualities in the folks at Scott Builders.  It was also important to us that we not have to sweat the small stuff, we didn't want to have to worry about trivial details.  We just wanted to think about the big picture stuff.  Scott Builders took care of everything.  Scheduling went smoothly, with work being done in a timely manner. They took very seriously our need to stay on schedule.  They were taskmasters!!

The thing we most appreciated when working with Scott Builders is how we were treated.  It was always apparent to us that we were important to them and that our concerns, ideas and/or suggestions were valuable.  Never did we feel as though we were an interruption on their day.  We were exceedingly please with every facet of the project.  Even several months after our project was complete, when we had a warranty issue with one of our subcontractors, Scott Builders was there to work on our behalf.  

We could not have been more pleased with our decision to work with Scott Builders.  We have a quality product that was enjoyable to build.     


Oakley National Bank 
Randy Haskins - Vice President

By way of this letter, the Oakley National Bank is pleased to introduce Rick Scott of Scott Builders. We provided the funding for a customer of ours in which Scott Builders was the contractor.  The project was completed 6-weeks ahead of schedule and was under budget, in a time when the construction trade is very busy.  We found Mr. Scott to run a very professional, organized and clean construction site.  We always found draw requests to be timely and accurate.  I would recommend Scott Builders for most any construction project, Rick has a vast amount of experience in the construction trade.    


County of Wright
Judie Rose - Chair

Wright County has contracted with Scott Builders to be our owner's representative.  We are remodeling an old Pamida building into Human Service Offices and are building a new office building at the Public Works location.  I realize that even though we are early on in the construction process they have saved us large sums of money through their diligence scrutinizing construction documents.  They realize we want very few work change orders so they made sure documents were "tight" and that the low bidder and their subs on our projects understood our expectations.  They are great communicators and answer all questions and understand our concerns.  They return calls promptly and helped us establish a process to authorize invoices and submit for payment.  I've appreciated their expertise and assistance.    


Egan Companies
Ron Miller - Vice President

Egan McKay Electrical Contractors has enjoyed a great working relationship with Scott Builders for over ten years. We have partnered on numerous projects over the years and one factor is always the same: COMMITMENT TO THE PROJECT AND THE CUSTOMER! As a subcontractor we always know what is expected of us in way of quality, price and service. In turn we know what to expect out of Scott Builders in way of project ordination, scheduling and payment.

This relationship is built on commitment and has been successful in the past and is the way to the future. Scott Builders far exceeds most general contractors in their on-time delivery of complete projects that meet customer expectations.


Grazzini Brothers & Company
Gene Grazzini - Chairman of the Board

I want to thank Rick Scott for working with us on his various projects. We have worked together for over 30 years. We have worked through many challenging projects, through many smooth running projects; at all times you have exhibited a calm and reassuring manner that allows us to work very efficiently.

We have found Scott Builders completely honest and cooperative with us as a specialty contractor. They have always been very professional in their handling of problems at all times looking out for the Owners interest, yet treating their specialty contractors fairly and honestly.

As a General Contractor, Scott Builders have paid us timely on all projects. They are extremely well run and we don't have any surprises. Their scheduling on projects allows us to work efficiently and productively, accomplishing our work in a mimimal amount of time.


Dave Zumbusch - Owner
LBZ Investments

When I decided to build a new Commercial Class "A" office building, I met with contractors to solicit their thoughts, ideas and pricing. They all told me what I wanted to hear, the problem was they didn't tell me what I needed to hear.
I wanted someone that wants to do whats best for me. When I met with Rick and the Scott Builders Team, they listened to what I thought I wanted, then over a series of meetings, asked clarifying questions to propose what I needed and didn't need. What I respected the most was their straightfoward direct answers. Every promise they made was kept and there were no unpleasant surprises.

I was busy running my own business, and though Scott Builders updated me each week at the owners/contractors meetings, they were my owners representative with the subcontractors and the job flowed smoothly and was complete ON TIME AND IN BUDGET!

If you are considering a building and want to know all the facts and costs up front, you'd be wise to talk to Scott Builders, Inc.


Results Real Estate Inc.
Arnie Seltzer - President

I just wanted to take a moment out of my busy day and thank Scott Builders for always getting the correct construction information to me for my clients in a timely manner.

Your knowledge of soil preparation & associated costs; overall construction and most importantly, the recognition of possible "hidden" problems of a particular project that you uncover that others do not, has always protected my client's interest. 


Swanson & Youngdale, Inc.
Pete McLellan - Project Manager

As a project manager of Swanson & Youngdale, Inc., I have had many opportunities over the past 8 years to work with Scott Builders on several projects and I am very impressed with their knowledge of the construction industry as a whole and their ability to manage projects of all sizes, from a tenant improvement to a complete building.

Scott Builders has always demanded a high degree of integrity, responsibility, and quality from their employees and their subcontractors which in turn produces a product second to none.

By choosing Scott Builders for your building needs, you are choosing a contractor that prides themselves in quality construction from the initial meeting to the final punchlist.


For more testimonials from clients of Scott Builders, please contact us above.  We would be more then happy to show you more satisfied customers!!!